Variable Speed Systems and Humidity Control

Controlling Humidity with a Variable Speed Systems –Panama City Beach, FL

It’s July in Panama City Beach and Modern Air Solutions has a question for you; are you struggling to maintain balanced humidity in your home or are you looking for humidity control? Modern Air Solutions of Panama City Beach, Florida has the answer for you with a Variable Speed System. A variable speed system refers to the motor that controls the air handler inside the air conditioner. A conventional air conditioning unit moves the air at one constant speed; a variable speed system moves the air at a wide range of different speeds. This control allows your air conditioning unit to more precisely pump cool air through your home. A Variable Speed System offers many benefits that far outweigh the cost. When choosing a variable speed system installation Modern Air Solutions offers a free estimate and also guarantees 100% satisfaction.

Reasons for Variable Speed System –Panama City Beach

When it comes to your home comfort controlling your indoor humidity is imperative. If you are experiencing humidity problems, it could be because of one of the reasons listed below. At Modern Air Solutions are professionally trained technicians will walk you through the entire installation process answering any questions you may have about your new Variable Speed System.

– Your AC Unit is too large
– Your AC Unit is limited to single speed
– Negative Air Pressure in your Space
– Using the wrong thermostat setting
– Your Air Conditioning and Heating Unit can’t handle the Load

Benefits of Variable Speed Systems –Panama City Beach

There are many benefits to a Variable Speed System including:

Humidity Control: Most Variable speed systems allow you to set the humidity on your thermostat. Balanced humidity is imperative in any home. Too much humidity can cause health problems, ruin furniture, electronics and also mold growth. Too little moisture can crack furniture, walls, leave you with dry skin, and also nose bleeds. Having the perfect balance is key. By controlling your temperature and humidity separately, you get better comfort inside while therefore still using less energy.

Better Air Quality: A variable speed allows you to operate the fan all by itself. This allows the air in your home to circulate all while catching any particulates inside the filter, providing you cleaner and also better air quality.

Extends Equipment Life: Units with Variable speed systems don’t work as hard as a conventional unit. This means your variable speed system will last longer and also most likely need fewer repairs.

Lower Energy Bills: Variable speed systems have a higher SEER (Seasonal, Energy, Efficiency, and Rating). This means variable speed motors use less energy, are more energy efficient and also save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Modern Air Solutions Variable Speed System Installation –Panama City Beach, FL

Modern Air Solutions provides superior air conditioning and heating services, repairs, maintenance and installations on all makes and models of HVAC systems. We provide HVAC services to Panama City Beach and also the surrounding areas 24 hours a day 365 days a year. We take pride in solving your comfort issues at an affordable rate on the first visit. At Modern Air Solutions we are an honest, reliable, and also trustworthy heating and air company. Our team makes our customers indoor comfort our top priority. We love where we are from and while there are many positives about Panama City Beach, we know that our humidity is a big problem. With so many choices in air conditioning systems available in today’s market, it’s hard for buyers to know the right one that will fit their home and also  meet their needs.

At Modern Air Solutions, our professional expert installers will walk you through the entire installation process on your new Variable Speed System, from selection to finish. We offer the highest quality installation in Florida and also always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Contact Modern Air Solutions today and take control of your home humidity with a Variable Speed System installation.