RGF Reme IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

Modern Air Solutions is a proud partner of  the leading innovator of IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) products.  For over 30 years RGF Environmental Group, Inc. has been a leader in Advanced Oxidation Technology, proven and tested to be extremely effective in destroying mold, odors, bacteria and viruses.  RGF holds numerous patents and patents-pending including the recently introduced “Made in the USA” product, the most effective in-duct air purifier on the market, the REME HALO®.

Protect your family every flu season with REME-HALO®

∙ Kills 99% of most Germs, Bacteria and Viruses on surfaces and in the air*  ∙ Reduce Allergens, Dust, Dander and Smoke  ∙ Used in Government Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools and Homes Worldwide  ∙Patented Technology, Tested, Validated and Proven

*Tested by Kansas State University. RGF products are not medical devices and no medical claims are made.

 We developed an advanced catalytic oxidation system for total organic oxidation. Our Photohydroionization process has also been approved for use in specific production plants for direct product and surface treatments by the USDA.

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