How Long Will Your HVAC System Last?

Comfort System Life Expectancy in Gulf Coast –Panama City Beach, FL

It’s November in Panama City Beach, Florida and Modern Air Solutions wants you to know everything you need about the life expectancy of your HVAC system. Just like everything in life, there is an expiration date. While this date is unknown when it happens to your heating and cooling system it always seems to be at the worst time of year. Modern Air Solutions is your Panama City Beach, Florida heating and cooling team. When it comes to your indoor comfort, we are equipped, able and ready to handle any situation. We offer free estimates, affordable financing and always guarantee your complete satisfaction. This November, we want you to be informed and know how your comfort system runs in this beautiful gulf coast region we call home.

Comfort System Coastal Pitfalls –Panama City Beach, FL

Panama City Beach, Florida is a great place to live. It has many things to offer between the scenic views, warm weather, and amazing coastline. However, these things also make your heating and cooling system struggle.  With the average air conditioning and heating system life expectancy being between 8-14 years many things that play a vital role in determining the longevity and length of your comfort system. These things include:

Location: The average life expectancy of your comfort system can be 8-14 years. But this could be shorter depending on location and proximity to the water. Many experts near the gulf coast see air conditioning units last between 5-12 years.

Environment: Saltwater destroys everything. When it comes to your air conditioning system there is no exception. Saltwater, as well as sulfur and other chemicals used from farming like in tomato fields and orange groves; can lead to rust and corrosion on your air conditioning unit and parts.

Operation Time: The Gulf Coast is hot and humid. The average system runs between 2,800-3,000 hours a year due to our coastal climate. This means your comfort system is working harder and longer to keep up with demand.

Heating and Cooling Contractors: Choose your heating and cooling contractors carefully. When it comes to the life expectancy of any equipment; you want it to last as long as possible. Many heating and cooling contractors know this and say what they think the customer wants to hear. It’s important for your heating and cooling contractor to be honest while pointing out the three factors above. Also, they must take into consideration the manufacturer, properly sizing the equipment for your home and installation, just like Modern Air Solutions.

Modern Air Solutions –Panama City Beach, FL

Modern Air Solutions of Panama City Beach, Florida are experts at installing, repairing and providing maintenance to your air conditioning and heating system. We take pride in providing superior service to all our customers no matter how big or small the job may be. All our technicians and installers are factory trained and authorized to handle all makes and models of heating and cooling systems.

Modern Air Solutions values your opinion and believe that when it comes to the life expectancy of your HVAC comfort system you know who knows. We will help you reach that goal with preventative maintenance and repairs. Modern Air Solutions offers the best preventative maintenance agreement in the state of Florida. Keeping your air conditioning and heating system clean, free of debris and fully functional will always prolong the life of your comfort system. Besides, we will also let you know the value with a free comparative estimate for replacement versus repair. While customer and other contractors may have differing opinions on how long their system will last, Modern Air Solutions will help your system work to it’s fullest capability and make you aware of manufacturer warranties. At Modern Air Solutions, we are an honest, professional, and reliable heating and cooling company that makes your comfort our top priority.

This Thanksgiving season ensure your comfort; by knowing how your air conditioning and heating system provide your comfort in the Gulf Coast. Should you have any questions about your current comfort HVAC system; would like to inquire about a new system, or need repairs or maintenance Modern Air Solutions is here for you. Contact us today! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is waiting to hear from you.